311 Adams St.  Lowell, MA  01854

Phone: (978) 458-4232    Fax: (978) 458-4233

​​​​​​​​ •    Completed Application
 ​​​​​​​ •    Birth Certificate
  •    Immunization Record  
•    Baptismal Record (if Catholic)
  •    Prior School Record
​  •   Interview with the Principal

1. Complete an Application Form for each child
2. Submit School Records or most recent report card from the school your child is presently attending
3. Visit the school and interview with the principal (after records are received)
​ 4. Upon completion of these steps, a decision will be reached regarding acceptance and grade
placement.  You may then register your child at St. Patrick School.  There will be a $ 60.00
​ registration fee due at that time.

Grades 1-8